woensdag 6 april 2011

Love your body!

Hi people,

The most girls aren't happy with their body, every girl has her own body blues.
Do you want to accept your body? Here training to accept your body:
1. Lie on your bed with your back
2. Think about your foots, and thank them for everything what they have done today ( standing,walking etc. )
3. Thank now every thing on your body because they are healthy, and they can make it possible that you can do what you're doing every day.
4. Forget all the negative things and focus on the positve things.

I hope that you all now can accept your body, there is no reason for hate your body!

Bye x

She loves her body, and you?

From: Cosmogirl

3 opmerkingen:

  1. leeuk artikel!

    over je comment; ik heb ze gekregen dus ik weet niet waar ze te koop zijn. Ik denk gewoon bij de drogisterij.

  2. This is soo nice :)


  3. Hm ik denk dat 'haten' wel een groot woord is,
    maar ik denk inderdaad wel dat ieder meisje iets heeft waar ze niet tevreden mee is!


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